Part 1: Practice and Provider Visit Information

This webinar covers two topics: practice information and provider visit Information. First, it describes an overview of the practice’s entity properties, which are used to setup the practice management portion of the system.  Depending on the system selected, the data can also assist in the programming of roles and workflows.  Also depending on the system, new procedures for HR may be created (i.e., what processes occur within the system regarding the hiring and termination of workers).

The webinar will conclude with a discussion of provider visit information.  In the effort to make a patient encounter fast, it is best to mimic the existing workflow as close as possible as well as automate standard day-to-day processes.  By gathering a “top 10” list of codes/processes that a doctor uses (as well as other important ones), and prioritizing them in a selection list, the amount of clicking/selecting will be dramatically decreased.

The central task of this webinar is getting started on the Practice Vitals Workbook in preparation for working with a Service Partner during the implementation process.

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