HITEC-LA Preferred EHR Vendors

Choosing an EHR can be overwhelming – that’s why HITEC-LA is here to help you decide on the right certified system for your practice, and guide you through the entire implementation process to reach meaningful use. HITEC-LA offers a certified EHR selection process to help you assess your needs and choose a vendor that best fits your practice.

HITEC-LA has selected preferred EHR vendors certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) that offer provider-centric contract terms to members. Even though it has preferred EHR vendors, HITEC-LA is vendor neutral, and can help providers implement any EHR certified by the ONC.
The HITEC-LA preferred EHR vendors and products are:

These preferred EHR vendors offer benefits exclusively to HITEC-LA members including:

  • Discounted pricing
  • No price increases for three years
  • Termination with no penalty
  • Favorable payment terms
  • Provider ownership of data
  • And many other crucial terms to protect the interest of you and your patients.

Click here for details on the preferred vendor contracts.

Click here to learn about the preferred EHR vendor selection process.