HITEC-LA Preferred EHR Vendor Contracts

Our contracts with our preferred EHR vendors are in the best interest of health care providers and their patients. Our members receive the most favorable terms without having to negotiate their own contract.

Negotiated contracts include 40 business terms – key areas include:


  • 10-30% discount
  • 3 year price lock
  • Upgrades included


  • Payments tied to go-live
  • Continuous ONC-ATCB certification
  • 24 month contract term


  • Termination with no penalties
  • 90 day notice


  • Provider owns data
  • Vendor at risk for de-identified data
  • Provider receives data extract if contract is cancelled

Customer Service

  • Credits if service falls below guarantee

Limitation of Liability

  • Covers breaches caused by software errors

Contracts also include 27 additional business terms in many critical areas such as:

  • HIE Interfaces
  • Implementation Timing
  • Acceptance
  • Transition Period
  • Transferability
  • Warranty Period