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"HITEC-LA is helping me balance speed with cost and availability.  My goals are to improve patient outcome and improve office efficiency. The federal incentives at least cover my upfront costs. I’m not so much an ROI practice because my patients are mostly capitated.  I think it’s the right time to meet the challenge and move to EHR.""

Dr. Terence Tan
Lynwood, CA

"[HITEC-LA Service Partner] All Medical Solutions is doing a good  Job helping me transition quickly to EHR."

Dr. Christopher Okafor
Los Angeles, CA"

“A blessing on your heads [HITEC-LA] for making it possible for us to care for our kids with chronic diseases. Although we have been using electronic health records for over 5 years now, LA Care’s HITEC-LA program and its partnership with Object Health helped us upgrade our system. They put us well on our way to being among the first in this area to best use this system in our practice. This technology will help us better serve our ever growing communities with the best medical attention and care they deserve."

Dr. Rochelle Feldman
Canyon Country, CA

“This is above and beyond my expectations, and promises to be a real game changer for private, independent, small group practices like mine that need hand holding during this transformation.”

Dr. Harvey Brown
Los Angeles, CA

“We have a close working relationship now and they are making the process of us learning the meaningful use in our software very simple…We have more work to do but feel very happy with the services we are receiving.”

Lucy Solis, Mercy Medical Center
Paramount, CA

“Four years ago I had too many papers in my office.  I was disorganized, and tired of writing my progress notes and prescriptions.  Now my office is run paperless, very organized, with my medical charts safely stored and easy to access.  My EHR has allowed me to focus on what is important – improving the care I offer my patients.”

Dr. S. Mike Neskovic
Glendale, CA

“It was a pleasure to work with Anne [of HITEC-LA Service Partner AMS]. She managed in a short period of time to get into the objectives of the job and get us “up and running”. Her way of cooperation, coordinating and driving things is outstanding. I would recommend Anne to anyone who needs a person that is capable [of] manage complex projects. Thanks Anne.”

Aileen Moratalla, Crown City Medical Group
Pasadena, CA

"Encouraging our physicians to call you and obtain information on the program."

Joseph Wager
Cooperative of American Physicians

“HITEC-LA members together with Office Ally EHR helped me and my office staff to understand and achieve meaningful use and make our practice among the tops in providing the best care to the patients in our community.”

Dr. Essam Elshewi
Palmdale, CA

“We truly appreciate the support that Kimberly of [HITEC-LA Service Partner] AMS provided us.  She catered to our individual practice needs throughout the entire process.  We could not have done it without her effort and enthusiasm.”

Rahbar Medical Group
Los Angeles, CA

“Working with [HITEC-LA Service Partner] AMS let me continue to focus on my patients as AMS took care of everything I needed to switch to EHR. This included finding the right software company, the right computers, other equipment such as firewall, scanners, whatever my practice needed.”

Dr. Madhu Berman
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“I had the privilege to be supported by [Angela of HITEC-LA Service Partner HSAG] for the month of September 2011 helping us during the transition of our EMR for the west region (Logician and Centricity to CPS, both GE products)…I recommend Angela for whoever wants a highly skilled and assertive collaborator.”

Claudia Carlotti, AIDS Healthcare Foundation
Hollywood, CA

“It truly is a wonderful experience and teamwork efforts to make the attestation successful.”

Robert Tsang, Office Manager for Dr. Chester Zahn
San Gabriel, CA

"Working with HITEC-LA provided us considerable reassurance and support of the work flow that we had established in attesting for meaningful use. HITEC-LA‘s comprehensive knowledge of the process of achieving meaningful use was just what we needed to encourage us as we anticipated the added requirements that are being developed for the next set of rules and year round compliance."

Dr. David Abrams
Tarzana, CA

“I cannot begin to tell you the great benefit HITEC-LA played in getting my office to report meaningful use. The application process was easy; the staff was accessible and knowledgeable.”

Dr. Sherril Rieux
Beverly Hills, CA

“At LA Chinatown Medical Center we already had an EMR in place, but we needed to upgrade to an ONC certified version and that presented many challenges to us.  [HITEC-LA Service Partner] AMS was wonderful - the team was knowledgeable, proactive and helpful. Our Project Manager was not afraid to get involved and represent our best interests.   I would recommend the AMS team and their services to others that need assistance finding their way through successful implementation.”

Dr.  Kin Wong
Los Angeles, CA

"The staff and patients of URDC are grateful for you support.  I will thank God for the blessing bestowed upon us thru you.""

Sandra Arrivillaga of URDC
Pasadena, CA

“HITEC-LA helped me choose my meaningful use measures and then worked with my EHR vendor eClinicalWorks to get accurate reporting.  Thanks to their support, I achieved meaningful use early, attested right away, and received my incentive payment as soon as possible.”

Dr. David Han
Glendale, CA

“HITEC-LA’s help made it possible for me to be one of the first providers in L.A. County to reach meaningful use and as a result, get my incentive payment early.  Their team was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive, and did not rest until I fully understood what I needed to do to meet each of the meaningful use requirements.  Thank you HITEC-LA!”

Dr. Laila Hanna
Glendale, CA

"HITEC-LA has proven to be a valuable asset to us.  They are impartial and reliable.  They give us useful suggestions and help us monitor progress.  They cost us NOTHING!"

Dr. John Millane
Long Beach, CA

"HITEC-LA was extremely helpful in helping us know what our practice needs, showing us different EMR and taking us thru the meaningful use of the system.  Kate [of Service Partner MTS] was very patient and helpful in getting us to attain meaningful for year 2011 and 2012.  Thanks HITEC-LA."

Dr. Talat Saifee
Burbank, CA