Providers Switching Programs - CMS Deadline is December 31, 2014

Providers who wish to switch from the Medicare EHR Incentive Program to the Medi-Cal EHR Incentive Program must update their registration with CMS ( by 12/31/14 (CMS deadline). After the switch has been completed with CMS, providers can apply to the Medi-Cal EHR Incentive Program until 3/31/15 (Medi-Cal Program Year 2014 deadline). 2014 is the last program year that providers can switch between the Medicare and Medi-Cal EHR Incentive Programs.

Please note that before applying with Medi-Cal through the SLR, providers must contact the Help Desk at 866-879-0109 after creating an SLR account (but prior to submitting an attestation). This is required to ensure that the provider’s SLR account reflects the correct payment year and corresponding attestation data.