What Documentation is Acceptable?

To satisfy the request for additional documentation, DHCS indicates they will accept reports showing your 2010 Medi-Cal volume.  The documentation can be in the form of a report from your practice management system (or any other billing system you may have had) for 2010.  Other important considerations include:

  • Upload a cover letter that clearly explains how to identify that the Medi-Cal encounters were delivered by the provider during the 90-day representative period.  
  • If you did not have a practice management system in place, DHCS will accept any other documentation you can provide to help validate Medi-Cal encounter volumes.  This might be in the form of a summary table of encounters, but be sure to include relevant documentation such as scanned/attached samples of the original source documents that were used to determine encounter volumes (e.g., pages from billing logs or appointment books, etc.).
  • Avoid any possible HIPAA issues by making sure any Personal Health Information (PHI) in the documentation is blacked-out (redacted).
  • Make sure each document is identified with the corresponding Eligible Provider’s Name, NPI and TIN.
  • Any electronically uploaded documentation should clearly indicate which encounters you have identified as “Medi-Cal Encounters”.
  • Ensure the documentation is relevant to the 90-day period used to establish eligibility for the EHR Incentive Program (the period you indicated in the eligibility portion of your SLR registration).

For reference, the screen shot below shows the location of the SLR button:

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